We gave it our all
but it's time to say goodbye :(

We believed that pet parenting is hard but with access to the right products & services, it need not be. And that’s what we set out to build. 4 years ago, we started off by building Bangalore’s largest network of verified pet sitters. When the pandemic threw a wrench and the world stopped, we pivoted and became one of India’s largest platforms for virtual veterinary consultations, helping over 8,000 pet parents. Along the way we started home test collection services and fresh food for dogs, all driven by our mission — to enable pet parents to give their pets the best possible life.

However, operating a platform like WagStays costs a lot of money. And to build WagStays with the vision we had, required patient capital. While we did receive a lot of positive interest from investors earlier this year, unfortunately due to the global recession and the macroeconomic conditions, we have not been able to raise funds at terms that were acceptable to us.

We are incredibly proud of the products we built and more importantly, our partner veterinarians and hosts, without whom none of this would have been possible. To all the pet parents who put their faith in us, thank you so much for believing in us and giving us a once in a lifetime shot.

Lots of love to everyone, and lots of butt scratchies to the furries 🙂

Until next time

The WagStays Team